Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What is up with Lost?

Is it just me or does Lost seem kinda eh this season? After waiting for the 3rd season to come back from its break, I'm a little disappointed. It's just not holding up my interest like it used to. Plus, they changed the time! I gotta fight to keep myself up until 10 and then it's not that exciting? I know I know. You have to fight to stay up until 10, you say? Yea, well you'd be falling out at 9 also with a lil monkey who wakes up at 5 am almost every morning.

Anyway, what do you make of Lost this season?

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Ribbon Rock Star said...

Lost has been a major disappointment for me. I am so bummed about it too.


NtycnBoricua said...

I just hope it gets better!

Surviving Motherhood said...

I watched the first two religiously and then this season I just sorta lost interest. It is on at the same time as House now though so it doesn't get much love from me...House over Jack and Sawyer anytime ;)

oh, I feel all weak at the knee now