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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mommy (and daddy) Resources Part III

Back when, I started a series of parenting resources and I still have two more parts that I haven't posted! I'm such a slacker. Anyhow, here is part 3 of the four part series.

These are various sites with information on pregnancy, parenting, ways to connect with other moms (or parents), newsletters, free tools, etc.

  1. Clubmom
  3. PregnancyWeekly
  4. Savvy Mommy
  6. Connecting Moms

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mommy (and daddy) Resources Part II

As promised, here is the second part of my list of resources:

Baby Food - they all mail (or email) coupons

  1. Nursery Water -
  2. Gerber -
  3. Beechnut -

Gerber also has a separate site for their clothing items at

Did you use the Nursery Water for your baby's milk? Or, did you boil your own water?

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Mommy (and daddy) Resources Part I

Throughout my pregnancy, I collected a variety of websites that offer free information, newsletters, samples, coupons, etc. Some of them, I still keep up with as they also have great parenting information. Now that my sister-in-law is with child, I decided to compile a list for her so that she too can reap the benefits. Since I'm such a nice person :ahem: I decided to share this list with everyone. Now, you might already know about these, but maybe, just maybe, you'll find one you didn't know about yet. ;)

Here, the first part of my list:

Formula and diaper companies - they all mail out free samples and coupons, so I highly suggest you sign up with these companies.

  1. Similac -
  2. Nestle -
  3. Enfamil –
  4. Pampers - - I really like Pampers because they have a rewards program where the wipes & diapers all have points you can collect & redeem for toys and other products
  5. Huggies -
  6. Luvs -

Next time, baby food.

What formula did (or do) you prefer for your baby? How about which diaper brand?

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just how old is too old to have children?

Older WomanI came across this posting at and then an article at about a 67 year old woman in Spain who gave birth to twins after undergoing fertility treatment (she is now the oldest mother on record).

Now, I don't want to be mean and I do think it's great that this woman was able to have children (it is her first birth), but I'm just not sure this is fair for the babies. This woman might not even live to be around for their teenage years. Is there a point where one needs to step back and think - Ok, I might be physically able and science may provide me the means to become a mother, but maybe I shouldn't? Is there a point where one becomes too old to enter into motherhood? Actually, this applies to men also, since they too can become fathers at a late age. But, should they?

What do you think? Just how old is too old to have children? Or, is there no age limit?

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Speaking of memory loss...

To go along with that last post...

I have been having a major case of forgetfulness. I have lists everywhere and for everything and I still can't seem to get everything in order or remember everything. Perfect example - my husband's company Christmas party was this past weekend.

He went to work for a while and I was to meet him there in time for the party. He asked that I buy him a sweater and bring it with me so that he could wear it to the party. I bought him a nice sweater and put the bag next to the counter in the kitchen, so I wouldn't forget it. Guess what? You got it! I forgot the stupid bag and only remembered as I'm 2 minutes away from my husband's job. Luckily it wasn't very cold that night, so he was ok, but still, I forgot. And, I've been like that for a few other things lately.

Ok, I'm done whining now. I'm sure there are more important things to worry about, but being a person who used to remember everything and who was very organized, it's hard to realize you can't keep up with everything anymore. All this from just having a baby???!!! lol

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Mommy Poem

I was browsing around and found this poem about losing your memory once you become a mom. As I read through it, I couldn't help but think that's how I feel. I certainly have "lost" some of my memory and at the same time have gained so much more. I have a new perspective on life and see everyday things as mundane. Well, anyway, enjoy the poem and try not to cry. ;)


Lost Some Memory

I think I've lost some memory
since Miranda was born
I don't remember sleeping late
on a lazy Sunday morn

I don't remember quiet dinners
with candlelight and wine.
Or getting up and ready for work
and making it there on time.

I don't remember summer days
just lounging on the beach
And those memories of "girls' night out"
are somehow out of reach.

I don't remember long warm baths
with bubbles and a good book
Or my favorite TV program
or a movie worth a look.

I can't remember all those things
I spent time on yesterday
And I can't remember life
being any other way.

And as I lay her down at night
and kiss this little girl
I can't remember so much happiness,
such love and joy in my world.

(c) 1997 Juli All Rights Reserved

Thursday, December 07, 2006

You know you're a hot mama!

With all the madness and chaos I currently have going on in my life, I certainly don't have much time for pampering and pretty-ing myself up. But, I definitely need to take some time to take care of myself, because let's face it - I am too young to be a frumpy mama! Also there's that other little fact that if I ever want to have another child, I will need to entice my husband! ;)

So, I came across the
Hot Mama Makeover! I think I'll be following these steps to get myself ready for the holidays and the new year. I think you'll enjoy it too. Let me know what you think and how your makeover goes! Looking forward to meeting all the hot mamas! lol :D

Hot Mama Makeover

Oh, and for other tips on health, money, pregnancy, children, free offers, etc. and a mom's forum, check out this site.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

What would you do?

What do you all think? Motherhood Uncensored posted about the recent incident involving Delta airlines where a breast feeding woman was asked to leave the flight.

I found myself thinking - What would I have done? I know I wouldn't use the blanket, especially because it would be even more uncomfortable and very hot for the baby. But, would I have taken the blanket just to shut the flight attendant up, even if I didn't use it? Would I have told her off for even suggesting I needed to use it? What about my husband? What would he have done?

According to the article, the woman was being discreet and her husband was sitting next to her. I gotta admit, it doesn't seem very likely that anyone could even have seen anything to even have the chance to be "offended". And even if they saw something, why would that be so offensive? She is merely feeding her kid. I see plenty of people wearing jeans so low that when they bend, I can see their ass crack hanging out. Isn't that much worse?

If you wish, you can sign a petition against Delta. Let me know - What would you have done?

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Babies shouldn't watch TV!!!!

I've posted some cartoons in the past relating to pregnancy and motherhood which I think are cute and make me smile. They are done by Everyday People Cartoons. There are cartoons on plenty of other subjects too. Here's another one I like - well this one is also on mommyhood, but if you check out the website, I promise there are other subjects as well! ;)

Now, I especially like this one because I do this all the time. :gasp: Oh no! How horrible of me - babies shouldn't watch TV until at least age 2, right?! Whatever. Baby girl loves her Baby Einstein and other Disney shows. I've watched them all and since they all teach something in the process, I doubt I'm rotting her brain too much. Besides, she doesn't get that much time in front of the TV, only for times like these where you just need a moment to get dinner going, or need to run to the bathroom, or need to make a call, or - hmmmm, they seem to be adding up. Anyway, you get my drift. I'm really not that bad. I do read to her, play with her, and such, all non-TV activities. I'm not such a horrible mother, then, right? ;)

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Can't sleep, breathe, or walk

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I got this cute little picture in a forwarded email. I got it towards the end of my pregnancy which was great because that is EXACTLY how I felt! It was nearly impossible to walk and breathe and never mind sleep. I can remember piling up the pillows - I had a pillow behing my back, under my knees, under my belly - nothing helped. Nevertheless, we (dh, baby, and I) all got through it and all is well.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the pic with you - it still makes me smile. If any of you are currently pregnant, hang in there, you'll get through it!

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