Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Time and time again

Who has time? Certainly us parents don't. If you work, whether as a WAHM (or dad) or outside the home, you have even less time to keep your business and personal lives in order. You'll need to rely heavily on organization and everyone has a different method.

Well, Alice Seba has done it again. She is now offering the Organizing Minds Want to Know Guide. You can read all about it here. It's perfectly free and may help you in your quest to become the organization guru you know you can be.

Related to time management and organization, check out this survey I found through You could possibly win a $100 Amazon certificate.

In other news...

Baby girl had a fever yesterday and no other symptoms. Turns out she's battling some kind of infection, possibly a throat infection. She had blood taken from her tiny little finger and did not cry ONCE. She just watched the nurse do her thing and watched as the blood poured out. Ok, not poured, but it seemed like it to me. She's such a strong girl, much stronger than me apparently. The fever seems to be getting better and hopefully the antibiotic will kick in and work it's magic. The crazy thing is she JUST got over an ear infection in both ears. And, when I say just, I mean JUST, like I took her Friday for her followup and Saturday was the last dose of that antibiotic, JUST. So, there we were again 4 days later at the doctor's and getting more antibiotic for a new infection. :sigh:

Don't forget! LOST begins the second part of season 3 tonight!

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