Thursday, February 01, 2007

MySpace has...


It's official.

The other day I saw a tv commercial for Chili's, you know, the restaurant. Well at the end of the commercial instead of plugging in their corporate website, they showed the link to their MySpace page. I couldn't believe my eyes! They were forsaking their own website to promote their MySpace site. WOW!

Now, I'm not complaining about MySpace, I just simply couldn't believe that it was being used as the main connection to Chili's on the web.

How many of you have joined the MySpace craze?

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Surviving Motherhood said...

no way! How bizzare. I have a myspace - it was my first foray into the blogosphere and it's kinda cool really, I've met some lovely people through it.

Groovy Mom said...

Too funny!! You are right, Myspace is taking over, heh.

Nice blog. :)

NtycnBoricua said...

surviving: I like MySpace too, but just thought is was weird of Chili's to do that.

groovy: Thanks for the compliment!

Surviving Motherhood said...

yeah, very weird.

Mother From Another Continent said...

On the positive side, I learn what's happening in my 22-year-old's life by reading about it on his MySpace site--and I ain't mad at him either.

April Decheine said...

I have joined for networking and building links to my blog and new home based business website. My 21 year olds My Space has a pix of someone with Double DD's on the front, I asked him to grow up :-) Check it out..
Add your link to my blogs for your linkbacks :-)
I will be back to visit.

NtycnBoricua said...

mother: I don't blame you! I'm sure it's useful. :)

april: It's very good for networking. I'll have to be sure to check out your sites! Hope to see more of you around.