Friday, February 23, 2007

Sure Mami. I'll show everyone what I can do...riiiighhht

Why is it that kids just aim to embarass you or make you look utterly stupid? They do all these cute things at home, then when you get them in front of other people, they act like the little WB frog who would never sing for anyone else.

My husband brought baby girl to both his and my job today and at both places she clammed up. She acted really shy, didn't say a word, no waving hi, nothing. She normally doesn't act like that. She waves to cars as they pass by when we're out. She waves to animals at the park. She says hi to people in the store. But, introduce her to your co-workers and she buries her head into your shoulder.

I can only imagine the day when she gets older that she'll blurt out something really embarassing and will act the fool when I want her to do the opposite. Ah, so much to look forward to.

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The New Parent said...

Very funny. My daughter is similar. She's so capable and can do many things, but under certain circumstances she gets shy. What I've observed is that kids tend to be site specific when they learn something. It takes awhile for them to be able to do the same behavior in a variety of situations.
She'll get the hang, it just may take a little time (smile)

NtycnBoricua said...

I suppose. Actually, I really don't care. I don't expect her to be cute all the time and act out for other people, I just think it's kind of funny that she can act so different.