Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday’s Feast #127

I saw this over on Local Girl's blog and thought it might be fun.

Which television shows do you just refuse to miss?
Lost and I recently caught the Grey's Anatomy bug

Who did you last speak to on the telephone?
The husband

How many pillows do you keep on your bed?
I only have 1 & husband has 1 for himself

Main Course
Name one addition to your computer (software, hardware, etc.) that you'd love to have.
Well actually, I don't want to add anything to my computer, but instead want to get a laptop.

What is your favorite foreign food?
Puerto Rican food - I love my own culture's food, so although it's not foreign to me, it might be to others.

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Priscilla Ortiz said...

Top Chef
Pizza Guy
More Power
I'm From PR, But as far as forein:
Spicy Thai

Oh, The Joys said...

I think I'd love to eat at your house!

Paula Neal Mooney said...

I LOVE Grey's Anatomy! I got into it the second season and then watched the whole 1st and 2nd seasons on DVD and am hooked!

It was so good and sad Thursday night...

local girl said...

Boy, you have a lot of catching up to do on Grey's Anatomy. I'm not sure how far back it goes but you can watch reruns on

NtycnBoricua said...

Priscilla: I don't think I've ever seen Top Chef.

Oh, the Joys: You should try some of the recipes I've posted. I'll try to post more.

Paula &
Local Girl: Thursday's episode made me cry. I definitely have to get the season DVDs to catch up.