Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mind your mummy

Halloween, halloween...

First, let me say that my dh and I were in debates as to whether or not we should dress up our little monkey for halloween. His opinion was that she can't eat the candy and it's wouldn't be fair to her. But, I want pictures! I want cute little pictures and memories - one day she'll be able to see them and will laugh at the sight of her cute little self - that or she'll get very mad at me for dressing her up in ridiculous outfits!

Anyway, we decided to go ahead and dress her up (costume still pending) and give trick or treating a try, we'll see how long she lasts. We have agreed not to dress her up in any silly food or animal costumes. We don't want her to be subjected to outfits like these:

A hershey's kiss?
Alright, the kid looks cute & happy, but still.
How about the pea in the pod?
Awwww, tigger!
And lastly, the ever popular pumpkin outfit for your lil' pumpkin!

In addition to the no animal/food requirement, my baby also doesn't like anything on her head. I can't put hats, headbands, or anything of the sort on her; she immediately takes it off and fusses. So, we need to find a costume that requires no headpiece. You'd think this is easy. But, just about all infant costumes come with something for the head - see above. This narrows the list down significantly.

We're leaning towards a princess or maybe fairy costume, what do you think?

Perhaps something like this - minus the bow of course.
Or maybe even a little Belle outfit.
But, definitely not Princess Leia.

I've been looking on the web to get ideas and have found the following online stores have pretty good costumes and aren't very expensive (depending on the outfit).

Costume Craze


I'll let you know what we end up dressing her as - will be interesting to see how she does.

Hope you all have a happy & safe Halloween!

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