Monday, October 16, 2006

Medical Discount Program

I found this discount program for medical services. Sounds good for those that don't have insurance or want to find an extra way to save money.

For as low as $16.95/month you can save 10%-60% on Dental, Optical, Rx and Physician services at over 350,000 providers nationwide!

No limits on yearly visits, NO paperwork, NO age limits, and NO health restrictions.

Please visit
Secured Access Code: MelanieE5698


This is NOT insurance.

Discount Medical Plan Organization: New Benefits, Ltd. 14240 Proton Rd., Dallas, TX. 75244.

This discount card program contains a 30 day cancellation period.

Member shall receive a full refund of membership fees, excluding registration fee, if membership is cancelled within the first 30 days.

This plan provides discounts at certain health care providers for medical services.

The range of discounts for medical or ancillary services provided under the plan will vary depending on the type of provider and medical or ancillary service received.

This plan does not make payments directly to the providers of medical services.

The plan member is obligated for all healthcare services but will receive a discount from those healthcare providers who have contracted with the discount plan with the discount plan organization.

* Anticipated national average dental charges for the 2006 calendar year based on comparison of provider negotiated fees to national average fees. Actual costs and savings vary by provider and geographical area.
** According to the Aetna Enterprise Provider Database as of March 1, 2006.

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