Thursday, March 01, 2007

Keep your child on a leash

Baby girl is now 14 months old (Just when do you stop counting the months?). Anyway, as a very active 14 month old, she naturally wants to explore. Problem is, she doesn't exactly know her boundaries just yet. She completely ignores when we tell her NO and she runs away when we go to grab her. This works alright when at home. But, when out and about (at the store, mall, neighborhood, etc.), I would like to be able to walk around with her and get her out of her stroller or the shopping cart. I know she would LOVE this too. She can only last in the stroller but so long before she gets frustrated and tired. Same thing with the shopping cart. So, what are our options?

Well, just the other day,
the husband and I were talking and we started laughing when we remembered the baby leash safety harness.

See, we used to think that the baby leash was a horrible horrible invention. I mean, why would anyone put a LEASH on their baby? The poor little things were walking around looking like little dogs!

We SWORE we would never do that to our baby when we had one. However, upon actually having a baby and when faced with such a situation, we can't help but wonder if maybe the leash would help. It would help her with her frustration, since she'd actually get to be walking instead of strapped into the cart or stroller. Then again, she might get even more frustrated when she realizes she can't get very far. It would also help us have control and she wouldn't be able to get very far from us.

I have no idea, what do you think? Would you use a baby harness for your toddler? Or, have you used one in the past?

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Sylvia said...


Wow this is an interesting topic, I must say! Since my baby girl's not here yet I cant really say what I'd do but I have seen other parent's using the "harness".

I dont think there's anything really, really wrong, per se. I mean, I'd rather have a handle on my kid than have her go missing in a huge mall, store, park, etc. But on the other hand, it just LOOKS kinda weird, ya know? *shrug*

That's a good one..let me know what u decide...

NtycnBoricua said...

Yes, my sentiments exactly. I see the logic behind it, but it most definitely looks weird. I'll keep you updated. :)

Paula D. said...

Hilarious!!!!!! I don't have kids, but I doubt if I would go with the leash.

kailani said...

I don't think I'd ever use one but never say never. I'm lucky that my daughter wasn't one to run around. I saw a parent using one on a child that looked like he was 13 years old. Very strange!

NtycnBoricua said...

I'm (we're) leaning towards no.
Leash on a 13 year old is just freaky!

Justice Jones said...

I have three kids, and although I've been tempted, I never did the leash. I don't know if a kid would even agree to it. My youngest will be walking soon and he's not an issue yet but I can see how he would hate it. My middle is two and she is so "grown" now that when we take her out of her stroller, she won't hold your hand which means she sometimes wanders or, runs off. If she won't hold my hand, I can't see her allowing me to strap anything like this on her.

NtycnBoricua said...

Yea, I can see how that would be a problem. I can imagine they wouldn't like it very much. Thanks for the tip!