Thursday, November 16, 2006

Babies shouldn't watch TV!!!!

I've posted some cartoons in the past relating to pregnancy and motherhood which I think are cute and make me smile. They are done by Everyday People Cartoons. There are cartoons on plenty of other subjects too. Here's another one I like - well this one is also on mommyhood, but if you check out the website, I promise there are other subjects as well! ;)

Now, I especially like this one because I do this all the time. :gasp: Oh no! How horrible of me - babies shouldn't watch TV until at least age 2, right?! Whatever. Baby girl loves her Baby Einstein and other Disney shows. I've watched them all and since they all teach something in the process, I doubt I'm rotting her brain too much. Besides, she doesn't get that much time in front of the TV, only for times like these where you just need a moment to get dinner going, or need to run to the bathroom, or need to make a call, or - hmmmm, they seem to be adding up. Anyway, you get my drift. I'm really not that bad. I do read to her, play with her, and such, all non-TV activities. I'm not such a horrible mother, then, right? ;)

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Sylvia said...

Of course you're not a bad mother! At least you do spend time with her doing other, mommies need a minute for themselves too! =)