Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Are you a Woman of Power?

I just made special arrangements to get you

into a powerful seminar - for women only.

You see, only 101 Women will be allowed to
attend - and I wanted to ensure you had the
chance to be one of the select few at the
Womens Power Summit on October 26th in
Atlanta, Georgia.

I've made special arrangements with my
friends Alex Mandossian and Dr. Jeanette Cates,
who are co-hosting the one-day event. They're
holding a slot open for you, but only if you sign
up before the event is filled.

> > > Save This Date On Your Calendar < < <

On October 26th, a group of decisive, action-oriented
women will gather at the Atlanta Waverly hotel for a
power-packed day. You will want to be one of them.

If you're in a big hurry, click the link below and
get registered now.

> > > What To Expect On October 26th < < <

Meet your four 'Play to Win' Trainers:

* Dr. Jeanette Cates will begin to transform
what you already know into your most reliable
recurring revenue.

* Loral Langemeier will help you discover how
to manage,multiply, and protect your new profits.

* Business systems expert Barbara Hemphill,
inventor of the Paper Tiger software, will show
you how to win with your Business.

* And internationally known expert Jody Colvard
will show you how to expand your Message through
podcasting and other innovative tools.

The Summit's emcee, Alex Mandossian will lead
you in three powerful mini-workshops - each
designed to increase the effectiveness with which
you integrate what you've learned.

In addition, a luncheon will be provided as well as
many other surprise effects which will make this a
memorable day.

> > > Should you plan to attend? < < <

If you're a businesswoman who wants to create
her own successful enterprise without the guesswork
that most entrepreneurs face - then you need to

If you want to accelerate your learning curve and
learn to monetize your Expertise - then you need
to attend.

If you are ready to multiply your Money and
maximize your wealth - then you need to attend.

If you want to see how to expand your Personal
Brand and accelerate your Business Growth - then
you need to attend.

If you're tired of 'playing not to lose' and are ready
to 'Play to Win' - then you need to attend.

Only Women are allowed to attend the Womens
Power Summit. The entire day is devoted to
helping you take your business and your skills to
the Summit to achieve your maximum potential -
and to be a Woman of Power!

Are you ready to take advantage of this rare
opportunity and join 100 other sharp, creative,
decisive, 'play to win' women?

> > > Take Action Now < < <

Of the five 'Play to Win' principles that will be
revealed, the first is - Be Decisive.

Put that principle into action and click this link to
get registered now:

Here's to your Power - Register Now!

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